Changeset [a8d0cebde3880b98444c2c53cf7952d31400826b] by Kieran Pilkington

August 31st, 2009 @ 02:34 AM

Various improvements, refinements, and bugfixes for select field usage.

Multiple select boxes are now handled a lot better.
* You can now select more than one field (where as previously, the last one select would override previous selections) * You can now unselect a value. It works like select, takes the same params, but removes the selection value

Issues regarding ampersands in values have been resolved.
* Values are now unescaped when the to_param method is run on elements, to make assertions less complicated * Locating an option with ampersand values now works as expected (it will check for both escaped and unescaped occurrences)

Bunch of new specs and 3 broken pending ones have now been fixed. [#145 status:resolved]

Committed by Kieran Pilkington

  • M lib/webrat/core/elements/field.rb
  • M lib/webrat/core/elements/select_option.rb
  • M lib/webrat/core/locators/select_option_locator.rb
  • M lib/webrat/core/methods.rb
  • M lib/webrat/core/scope.rb
  • M lib/webrat/core/session.rb
  • M spec/public/click_button_spec.rb
  • M spec/public/select_spec.rb
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